Welcome to Twelve Tables, thanks for asking about us!

Welcome to Twelve Tables, thanks for asking about us!

Twelve tables started in 2015 when we were planning our own wedding.
Having just got engaged we set off on our big OE and any down time was spent dreaming up ideas for the big day.

As we started to look for hire items online, we realised some of the styles of furniture we were after were not available in New Zealand…Yet. So together, we decided to create and source the items that we couldn’t find ourselves.

One item we couldn’t make was a transparent marquee with clear roof and sides. Having found the perfect venue nestled amongst native bush and the ocean in the Coromandel, we decided it would be a shame to hide all that beauty behind white walls. So when we booked our flights home to start building all those tables, bench seats, bar leaners and more; a stopover was added to the itinerary which included factory tours of some of the biggest marquee producers in the world, where we handpicked the best quality clear marquees we could find, perfect for New Zealand’s unpredictable weather.

Now our adventure continues as your adventure unfolds! xx

Sara and Jean – Twelve Tables Creative Event Hire Team

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